Women’s Lacrosse resumes after missing their season last spring due to COVID


Cynthia Brisky

The varsity girls lacrosse team poses for a team photo.

Jacey Hinton, Staff Writer

After eighteen months off of the field, the Weston girls Lacrosse team is back in action with their first game on Thursday May 6, away against Acton-Boxborough. In their last season of competition, the team tied for DCL champions, and hope to keep the same momentum as they had before the pandemic hit.

“Everyone is very excited! The pandemic began just about a week before our 2020 season was going to begin, so it has been a very long time since we have been on the field together,” junior captain Kendal Parker said. “It has been tough seeing other sports that ran during other seasons not having to miss an entire year of playing.”

The missed season was very difficult on the team, but they have expressed positive energy towards being back together on the field.

It feels amazing to be back on the field after two years. The whole team was really upset that we had no season last year and we feel super fortunate to be able to finally play this year,” junior captain June Trodden said.

The pandemic has also moved their current season back, leaving little time for preparation.

“It’s a tough thing because preseason is so short this year,” head varsity coach Wink Van Ogtrop said. “We need to be conditioned, we need to be in our top fitness, at our top level, but at the same time we have to make sure we run our plays, our motions, our sets.”

Although it was a difficult adjustment, Van Ogtrop  has prepared the girls accordingly.

“We really focused on getting the girls used to each other and kind of syncing up,” Van Ogtrop said.”So when we hit the season where our games start we know our fundamentals are in place and we know each other timing and styles and then we’ll build from there.”

In addition to skills and conditioning, the team also participated in mental toughness training with performance enhancement and rehab specialist, Kelsey Griffith.

“It gave our team training in a way we didn’t know we needed. Over the fall and winter, our team has trained a lot to get physically stronger, however, mental toughness has helped us mentally get stronger and prepare our mindsets for our season,” Troddden said.

Last year they lost a strong class of players, but the team has lots of potential with the younger classes.

“We have some really young great new players coming into the program, and we have a lot of experience in our junior class.  Bringing those two together and seeing what they can do together is really exciting to me. There is so much potential for them to make their way and make their journey,” Van Ogtrop said.

The season will run through June 16 and the team will have an opportunity to qualify for the tournament. 

“My goal for the season is to make sure all my teammates are having fun off the field and winning on the field. Also, to make it to the finals on July 3rd and win,” Trodden said.

Despite the setbacks the team has endured through the past year, the team has confidence in their preparations for this season.

“Everyone works hard and has lots of fun at practice. The atmosphere during our games is unmatched and is where we work our hardest and are all focused on winning,” Parker said.