Weston spring sports teams return to competetition


Michael McGrath

Coaches talk to track team on first day of track and field practice

John Gigian, Sports Editor

The two year layoff finally comes to an end, as Weston athletes return to the field to resume competition this spring. Despite the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, protocols are in place to prevent another spread allowing athletes to play the sport they love. 

“It was tough; we were really looking forward to competing and having a good season,” senior baseball player Thomas Ladocsi said. “Anytime you miss out on an opportunity to play is frustrating, regardless of the circumstances.” 

However, the team’s attitudes are shifting as they prepare to play for the first time in two years.

“The team feels great about returning this year as we have so much talent that we can’t wait to use,” senior lacrosse goalie Ian Carter said. “Everyone is excited after not playing for ages, so I think this will be our time to shine.”

With the long layoff, each team needed to stay prepared for the season ahead. Ladocsi explained what the baseball team did to not lose touch with their game. 

“We’ve had some offseason workouts to stay in shape, and we had a fall developmental league that was very helpful in improving our game,” Ladocsi said of the opportunity several members of the team took. 

Teams have needed to adapt this season with the new protocols put in place due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Junior track runner Tally Zeller explained how the team has used it to their advantage.

“Everyone is very excited to be back out on the track for this spring season,” Zeller said. “It’s a little different this year, because we had almost no gap between indoor and outdoor track, so it’s almost like one long season instead of two. In some ways this is great because it allows us to train straight through with minimal interruptions.”

As teams return to competition, they prepare to renew rivalries and have unique opportunities to play. 

“Boston Latin has traditionally been one of the most competitive teams in the DCL, so going up against them will be a welcome challenge,” Zeller said. “Last indoor season, the DCL Championship title came down to the results of the Weston vs. Boston Latin meet, where we edged them out.” 

Despite the eagerness to return, the teams acknowledge the goals ahead. Carter explained what the team hopes to accomplish this season.

“I think the whole team wants a ring this year, and everyone’s minds are on the championship, on what to do that we have to win every single game,” Carter said. 

Despite the work and expectations teams have for this season, it means more for the senior athletes to have one more season to play their sport. 

“I feel truly lucky, as I know that last year’s class was robbed of the opportunity to play their senior season,” Ladocsi said. “Knowing that I get one more chance makes me feel grateful, because this is a sport I’ve put a lot of time into, and to get one more opportunity to just enjoy it is much appreciated.”