What is WHS listening to?


Annie Kosowsky , Staff Writer

   Have you ever wondered what song is blasting through the earbuds of your fellow WHS students as they walk down the halls? Wildcat Tracks decided to ask members of each grade this question to come up with some statistics about students’ preferred music genre, songs, and more. 

   After asking a range of students the questions “What are you listening to?” or “What was the last song you played?” The most popular genres were rap and pop. As the bar graph suggests, seniors, sophomores, and freshmen all favored rap. Juniors tend to favor pop songs. 

   Senior Laryce Blake said she likes “Sideline Watching” by Lil Uzi Vert, because “It motivates me to keep pushing through hard times.”

      Electric Dance Music (EDM) and country were the other two categories that received votes, neither of which had a very significant role in the taste of WHS. There were six EDM songs listened to by the freshman class.

   Freshman Ryder Rosen reported the last song he listened to was “Pepas “ by Farruko.

  “My sister plays it in the car to school every morning,” Rosen said.

   There was a large variety of current favorite artists among the different grades. Drake, Tame Impala, and Taylor Swift were a few of the artists that frequently came up.

   There were some outliers that came up when collecting data. Songs like “The Imperial March” by John Williams and “All I Want For Christmas Is You” by Mariah Carey were two that did not match the general consensus. Senior Emma Sarnblad, the voter for “The Imperial March,” said, “I listen to it with the children I babysit.”

   Senior June Trodden suggested “Cupid Shuffle” by Cupid. 

   “It has a nice groove to it,” Trodden explained.

   There was one specific song that kept recurring during the data collection: “All Too Well” by Taylor Swift had multiple appearances among seniors and sophomores. 

   The overall consensus among all grades was that students tend to listen to well-known songs. Many of these songs come from highly achieving albums and artists.