WHS seniors reflect on their school sports experiences


Molly Ross, Sports Editor

   As the school year comes to an end and the seniors graduate, the end of their WHS sports careers are drawing near, leading them to reflect on their time spent on various sports teams since freshman year. Through the years, the seniors have not only benefited from personal growth as players and teammates, but they have also learned how to be leaders.

   “I’ve loved being a member of sports teams at WHS and think they’re a great way to connect with the underclassmen in a non-academic environment,” senior lacrosse captain Kendal Parker said. “I’ve felt more connected to the WHS community by being on different sports teams and love being able to compete for and represent my school.”

   For some seniors that became students in Weston at the start of their  freshman year, these sports teams were a way to make their first true friendships. 

   “I would not be the same person at WHS I am today if it wasn’t for my sports experiences. I moved to Weston as a freshman and made my first friends on the field hockey team,” senior field hockey captain Jennna Hashem said.

   Some WHS athletes learned lessons while playing that they will take with them as they graduate high school and use them in everyday life. 

   “The lacrosse team this year has really emphasized the idea of resilience on the field, and I think that is carrying over to my everyday life. Being able to fight our way out of large goal deficits against tough teams and ultimately come out with a victory has taught me that a game is never over until the very end and that no one can beat you if you want it the most,” said Parker. “This is an attitude that I will take with me off the field in my future.”

   Not only has being on these teams taught these athletes to be resilient but also has helped them learn how to be a teamplayer. 

   “I think it’s made me focus more on team success over individual success. I came into high school with the mentality that if my team lost a game but I played well, that would be better than if my team won and I played badly,” said senior soccer captain Raymon Wang. “I think my time competing for the school on these sports teams really hammered in a team-first mentality.”

  Despite the excitement about graduating and moving on, these senior athletes admit that they will miss some aspects of their time spent on WHS sports teams.

   “I will miss competing with my childhood friends and for my town. I also love the team traditions that all the teams over the years have done and are passed down,” senior soccer captain Morgan Rome said.

   Some will miss the indescribable feelings that they get  and the energy that surrounds the team when it gets time to play. 

   “There’s so many things that I’m going to miss, like playing in front of my family and friends, or the feeling you get on game day where you’re sitting in spanish class last block and you get the chills and all you can think about is the game,” senior hockey captain Connor Burke said. “I’m going to miss all of those things, but what I’ll miss the most is my teammates and the relationships I’ve made throughout my four years at WHS.”

   As these athletes have grown as both players and people, they will leave behind the legacy of their leadership and the impact they had on underclassmen.

   “The seniors impacted my sports experience at WHS in a very important way: they have shown me how to be a good teammate to my peers. They have shown me what it’s like to come together and be a family. Especially the experience I have had on the lacrosse team I wouldn’t trade it for the world,” sophomore Jonah Backer said. “Most importantly they have shown me what it’s like to be a leader and set a good example for the kids below me.”

   Not only have the seniors been great role models for the underclassman, but they have created a very positive working environment for the team to be as successful as possible while also having fun. 

   “I will miss the practices, the laughs, [and] team bonding, but what I’ll miss most is being with each other on the field during games. No matter if we’re going crazy after a win or picking each other up during a loss, we are a family,” sophomore Lily Kacyvenski said.

   The departing seniors also recognize that it is important to have fun and make memories while being competitive. 

   “One piece of advice I have for underclassmen is just to have fun. Although it is serious and competitive and you want to win games, at the end of the day you’re not going to remember if you beat Boston Latin or any other team.What you’re going to remember is your teammates and the memories you have with them,” said Burke.

   These athletes also advise underclassmen to step out of their comfort zone and make new friends to best benefit from their time spent on WHS sports teams. 

   “I would encourage the underclassmen to really get to know people in different grades on their team no matter how intimidating it may seem,” said Parker. “Speaking from personal experience I regret not getting to know the lacrosse seniors from my freshman year better so I hope that the underclassmen don’t make the same mistake.”

   One big thing these seniors emphasize is to cherish every moment, because it truly flies by faster than expected. 

   “Enjoy every moment. Enjoy practicing with your friends, bonding with your teammates, and competing with your opponents. It’ll be over before you know it, so cherish every moment,” said Wang.

From top to bottom: Kendal Parker, Morgan Rome, Jenna Hashem, Raymond Wang, Connor Burke