Administration works on new ID access badges for seniors at WHS


Will Cahill

WHS senior Alcapone Pujouls unlocking the main entrance with an ID access badge.

Will Cahill and Sanya Kozinsky, Staff Writers

Seniors at WHS will soon receive ID access badges in order to enter back into the building after taking advantage of open campus privileges, but will only be able to access it through the front door of the building. Students will no longer have to “buzz into” the main office to be let into the school.

   Seniors have long had the ability to leave WHS grounds during free periods, but when returning to school they would sometimes have to wait to be let into school again, which could lead to tardiness.

   Assistant principal Jennifer Knight believes that this new addition could be convenient for both the office and the students.

  “I think it’s easier for [seniors] to come and go. At lunch time, you might see five or ten of them waiting to be buzzed in by the administrative assistants,” Knight said, “But [the  office staff] are also working full-time jobs, and can’t be standing there to buzz in the students, so allowing them access to let themselves in and out would be a nice benefit for them.”

   In addition to the advantages, there have also been various concerns from seniors.

   “It’s cool. Honestly, it’s good to have privileges to leave, and now we can just swipe the card and go to class without being late,” said Xavier Craigwell, “But also, I feel like if it gets in the wrong hands, the IDs could be misused.”

   Some seniors who are aware of this change think positively about it.

   “I love this new decision!” Alcapone Pujouls said.

   Teachers are generally supportive of the idea as well. Having faced few issues with irresponsible seniors abusing their privileges, teachers believe that seniors can handle the responsibility of spending time off campus. 

   “I can’t say it’s been a huge issue in the past,” said math teacher Bailey Fidler. “Students can bring in a coffee or a drink with them from Starbucks, but I’m not really bothered by it much. If it helps them to focus more in my class, then that’s what I care about.” 

    Knight is working to get the badges out to seniors, but due to a shortage of support staff availability, it hasn’t happened yet.

   “We have [the access badges], we just need to distribute them. We are just hoping to give them out to the students as soon as possible,” Knight said.