Pumpkinfest offers new and old entertainment


Pumpkinfest flyer

Nevaeh Yancey, Staff Writer

   This Saturday, October 22, the town green will be filled with excitement from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. as WHS hosts the annual Pumpkinfest with many activities, including some new entertainment groups. 

   Given the name, it makes sense that the primary activity of Pumpkinfest is pumpkin carving. 

   “We get pumpkins donated to us from a farm in Vermont, and every kid who comes is able to carve a pumpkin,” said Cynthia Brisky,  student activities director. “There’s also a lot of traditional kid activities like face painting, cookie decorating, drawing, jewelry-making and a lot of the basics.”

    This year some new entertainment groups will perform at Pumpkinfest for the first time, such as the WHS K-pop Dance Club. K-pop dancer, freshman Sanya Kozinsky, will perform Bbibbi by IU.

   “I have been a dancer for a while and it’s exciting to get back on stage,” said Kozinsky.              

   Pumpkinfest has been a fundraising partnership with Camp Sunshine, a camp for children with life threatening illnesses, and has been donating to help support their cause for many years. 

   “We usually bring in between $10-15,000 for them,” said Brisky. 

    This annual event has even created a long-term relationship between Camp Sunshine and the residents of Weston who attend. 

   “Camp Sunshine depends on the town of Weston for some of their operating costs,” Brisky said. 

   Some students who are involved with Pumpkinfest started out their interest when they were little kids, such as Emma Flory, senior and student leader of Pumpkinfest. 

   Flory has been attending  “since I was little, and then my freshman and sophomore year I volunteered… last year I wanted to be a chair,” Flory said. 

   The organizers and student chairs are hopeful for more people to come show school spirit for WHS and support Camp Sunshine.