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Gearan and Shea create mindfulness group

Gearan and Shea create mindfulness group

Kaitlyn Ewald , Editor March 1, 2022

   High school can be a very stressful and hectic time, so it’s important for students to have access to resources to destress and practice mindfulness. Guidance counselor Maryann Shea and adjustment...

Gacs, Kelley, and Rivers participate in their out of school passions

WHS teachers pursue outside interests

Sophia Simmons , Staff Writer March 1, 2022

  Weston is known for offering a high level of education, and most recognize that the talented faculty are a big reason for that.  Little do most students know that faculty members possess many unknown...

Coach Monz at indoor track meet

Monz earns coaching award for seventh time

Natalie Rassiger, Staff Writer March 1, 2022

 After 44 years as the cross country and track and field coach at WHS, in early December, John Monz was named Division 4 Coach of the Year by the Boston Globe in recognition of his performance as the...

Weston wildcats New Years resolutions and if they have stuck

Weston wildcats New Year’s resolutions and if they have stuck

Amelia Walker, Staff Writer March 1, 2022

  Around the holidays, most people can relate to getting ambushed once or twice with the “So, what are your New Year’s resolutions?” question. Unless you are someone with a resolution list each...

Members of the Literary Magazine pose with the 2020 edition.

Smaller clubs meet student needs at WHS

Jeffrey Asaredanquah, Staff writer December 15, 2021

   Not all aspects of Weston High School are determined by faculty and staff. WHS offers students the opportunity to contribute more to the school by creating clubs based on their own passions. Some...

Reading Into the WHS English Curriculum

Saavani Datta, Staff Writer December 15, 2021

There is never going to be a way to please everyone, but the Weston High School (WHS) English department does its best, trying to incorporate a diversity of books, authors, experiences, and assignments...

School committee members in action during a typical meeting

School committee members help make decisions that impact WHS

Divya Rajan, News Editor December 15, 2021

Who makes the decisions that affect the future of the school body? Who is in charge of this decision making? How can students get involved in the process?  Well, around every two weeks on Monday nights...

Writer and co-producer of “Family Guy”, Alec Sulkin.

Family Guy’s Weston roots

Molly Ross, Sports Editor December 15, 2021

   Many Weston High School students already have ideas about careers they hope to pursue, and for many those careers will relate to traditional options like medicine, business, law or finance. But former...

Madison Jackson poses in trendy high waisted wide leg jeans

The fall season brings new fashion trends

Ava Dreyer, Co-editor-in-chief October 22, 2021

   The month of September for many people means back to school, sports, and transitioning into fall. Especially in Massachusetts, autumn also brings colder weather, which causes a complete change in...

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