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Weston teachers balancing work at both middle and high schools

Latin teacher John Bracey teaching at the High School.

Yara Attar, Staff writer

May 4, 2018

At both Weston middle and high school, a select group of teachers travel between the two schools to educate students from a wide variety of ages. In the span of a day's work, these teachers do everything from preparing middle schoolers for the responsibility of high school, as well as providing high schoo...

International Women’s Day celebrations organized at WHS

Women's Day symposium commencing in the library with both student and faculty participation.

Alina Hachigian, Co-Editor-In-Chief

April 9, 2018

Following International Women’s Day on March 8th, the WHS Women Empowerment Club organized a symposium for the entirety of the school population. Held on March 16th, this event consisted of discussions lead by both teachers and students about women in society, as well as a panel centered around the ...

Student life survey initiates conversation at WHS

Students who attended the in-school field trip discussed the amount of homework they receive and how they are able to manage it effectively.

Heather Lee, Editor

April 3, 2018

With the school start time officially changing next year, the Weston community has a new opportunity to discuss student health in the high school. While national data spurred the School Committee to explore the impact of sleep, another set of data has opened discussions on homework and stress. Sta...

Girl and Boy Scouts Involvement at WHS

Some local Boy Scouts trekking through the snow on a troop camping trip. 
PHOTO/Troop 250 Waltham

Casey Friedman, Staff writer

April 3, 2018

During activity blocks on Thursdays, classrooms are full of students engaged in various clubs and activities of their interest. While most students are heavily involved in clubs at school, some meet outside of school hours, such as the Weston Boy and Girl Scouts. Many of the WHS Scouts have been a part of t...

New Orleans service trip success

Sarah Augustine, Staff Writer

March 26, 2018

  Thirteen years ago in the heart of Louisiana, a natural disaster of monstrous proportions overtook the city of New Orleans. Hurricane Katrina sent many into poverty, causing the loss of homes, possessions, and even stranding people in the streets. Over a decade later, the city is still reco...

Upcoming winter olympic games inspire WHS athletes

Senior Thomas Burke fights to get the puck against two Bedford defenders January 24.

Wildcat Tracks Editorial Staff

February 13, 2018

With the start of the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea, excitement and national pride has increased around the world. Spanning 15 sports, the games offer something for everyone. Here at WHS, students have the opportunity to participate in some of the events at the interscholastic...

Math team hopes to finish the season on a strong note

Sophomores Joanne Lee and David Huang work a math problem.
PHOTO / Heather Lee

Anna Gabriel, Staff writer

February 13, 2018

While some students choose to participate in athletics after school, 30 dedicated “mathletes” are working on their math skills and getting ready for their next big meet. The math team allows students the opportunity to solve challenging problems together and compete against other schools across th...

Behind the scenes with WHS athletic trainer Andrew Rizza

Weston Athletic Trainer Andrew Rizza stands alongside Junior Whitney Sins who recovered from a torn ACL and Meniscus and is back to playing varsity sports with the assistance of Rizza.

Alex Chaoul and Matthew Garfinkel, Editors

February 13, 2018

After more than 20 years at WHS, Rizza is still challenged and challenged every day on the job. Rizza dedicates 14 to 15 hours a day to perfect his craft and help students recover from injuries as fast as possible. “I love it. If I didn't love it, I wouldn't do it every day and I wouldn't do the ...

WHS students give back to community through art and ceiling tiles

Junior Emily Kim paints Baymax from Big Hero Six. Kim plans to give the tile to a local hospital. 
PHOTO / Heather Lee

Heather Lee, Arts and Entertainment Editor

February 13, 2018

While walking the halls of WHS, you will notice something special about the ceiling. Overhead, the ceiling tiles are dotted with paintings of pastel flowers, a yellow submarine, or even a Disney character. You might wonder, who made these and how did they get up there? The two clubs responsible for painting the c...

Aspiring rappers and musicians at WHS thrive using online mediums

Eche Onwuama performs at the Pumpkin Fest 2017

Casey Friedman, Staff writer

February 13, 2018

It’s a Friday afternoon in the library and a crowd of WHS students can be seen huddling around a computer, wearing headphones and bobbing their heads in unison. You would expect them to be listening to their favorite famous rapper, but they are actually listening to senior Kamar Atkins’ latest s...

Outstanding freshman swimmer Jacey Hinton rises to the top

In the Weston-Wayland dual meet, freshman Jacey Hinton broke five records.

Grace Wang, Co-Editor-In-Chief

February 9, 2018

At the beginning of her favorite event, freshman Jacey Hinton can be found stretching and mentally preparing for the start of the fast-paced 50 freestyle. Swiftly diving off the board, Hinton hits the water and shoots forward to sure victory. A household name on the WHS swim team, Red Tide, Hinton's name i...

Spanish literature class takes their learning to the streets of New York

Seniors Hannah LeBaron, Mila Schowtka, Courtney Burrow, Alina Hachigian, and Grace Wang exploring Times Square during the Spanish literature field trip to New York City.

Danielle Feinstein, Feature Editor

January 2, 2018

Learning a second language can be an interactive experience that combines many different learning aspects. WHS’s Spanish literature class visited New York City to gain firsthand experience about spanish language and culture. After spending months reading Spanish books and plays, the class had a chanc...

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