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Senior District results

November 30, 2017

24 WHS students were accepted to play at the Eastern District Senior Festival on November 18th. Weston was one of the top schools in terms of number of students who got into the Festival. The top half of accepted students were also given all-state recommendations.  Alexandra Carpenter (violin) Grace Carter...

Delayed start time for 2018 proposed

The school committee met on October 30th to discuss the proposed start time plan. PHOTO/vimeo.com

Danielle Feinstein and Heather Lee, Editors

November 16, 2017

After nearly a year of meetings and discussions, the plan to change school start time has entered its  final stages. Involving school committee members, principals, teachers, and parents, the Start Time/Schedule Innovation Steering Committee has been meeting since January 2017 to review students’ em...

Halloween assembly brings fun costumes and games to WHS

Students dressed as a set of m&ms. PHOTO/Fiona Morris

Yara Attar and Heather Lee

November 7, 2017

   On the spookiest day of the year, high schoolers entered WHS wearing costumes such as Pigs in a Blanket, a blow up Dinosaur, and even a hula dancer. At the end of this day, students displayed their costumes in the gym for the annual Halloween assembly.   Senior Co-Emcee’s Tim Pesek and Isaac...

12th Annual Pumpkin Fest Raises $22,000 for Camp Sunshine

Committee co-chairs Glennie LeBaron and Ariel Silverman pose with Pumpkin Pete (Grace Wang) and (from left to right) Gemma Deckinger (3), Hadley Deckinger (4) and Nina Deckinger (7). PHOTO/Sarah Augustine

Sarah Augustine and Casey Friedman

November 1, 2017

By Sarah Augustine and Casey Friedman Passing by the Town Green on this special Saturday each fall, families carve pumpkins, snack on cotton candy and munch on caramel apples in the crisp fall air. Amid the festivities, children frolic and play with their faces painted as butterflies, dogs and cat...

Power outage leaves WHS stalled with dark hallways

Due to the storm that swept through town the night of Sunday, October 29, WHS experienced power outages throughout most of the building.

Adi Saligrama and Heather Lee, Editors

October 30, 2017

June Academy survey gives students’ opinions a platform

Sophomores McKay Sumsion and Albert Wu launch the airplane they built as part of the “Design Your Own Remote-Controlled Airplane” course.

Adi Saligrama, News Editor

September 27, 2017

The results of the June Academy Exit Survey were released this month, sparking discussion about students’ impressions about the program. The survey had a 100% participation rate, with over 470 students weighing in. June Academy debuted at the end of the 2016-17 school year as a new addition to the...

Route 30 and Wellesley Street Signal Improvement Project wrapping up after over a year of construction

The new traffic light has turn signals which minimizes driving time for commuters.

Heather Lee

September 22, 2017

Traffic construction on Route 30 and Wellesley Street is in its final stages. Paving, street sign installations, signal lights, and pavement markings were completed over the last month. Landscaping and cleanup are now left on the punch list.. According to the Town of Weston website, the purpose of...

Class of 2017 college and post-graduate plans

Seniors proudly sport their college gear during senior week. PHOTO/Anna Rosenfeld

June 2, 2017

  This list was originally published in the graduation special. Below is the most updated list. Anisha Agarwal– Massachusetts Institute of Technology Aleka Agre – New York University Peter Alagna – New York University Gabe Alesse - University of Hartford Seth Amarasinghe – Gap Year Katri...

Graduating senior women are poised to take on tough STEM fields

Seniors Helen Zhang and Clara Li proudly represented Weston as they won ninth place in the Massachusetts Women of Science Competition. PHOTO/Mary Liu

June 1, 2017

By Alina Hachigian and Lizzie Racklin With the rise of a new generation, more attention has been focused on encouraging women to pursue work in the STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) fields. While these disciplines continue to be dominated by men nationally, this year’s graduating c...

In their own words: Who we were…and who we will become

Senior Caroline Donahue addresses WHS at Class Day. PHOTO/Anne Donahue

June 1, 2017

Special thanks to the seniors who submitted their own speeches. Doug Dahl: Senior Assembly What’s up everyone. First off I want to congratulate you all for making it through the gauntlet. Through every standardized test, through every analytical essay, and through every Korsunsky lunchtime napkin assault. I ap...

Weston responds to anti-Semitic hate crime at Field School with community discussions

Danielle Feinstein and Lizzie Racklin

May 11, 2017

In today’s political climate, concern about hate crimes has increased as reported incidents from around the country have been more frequent in recent months. Victims of these crimes have included a diverse group of minorities, including people of color, Muslim Americans, immigrants, the LGBT population...

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