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Kanye’s Donda vs. Drake’s CLB

Molly Ross, Sports Editor October 28, 2021

Kanye’s Donda vs. Drake’s CLB Over the past few years Kanye West and Drake have fought over their fan bases, and have always been in the battle of one upping the other artist. For some fans it was...

Diversity posters hang in library display case

Communication needed to address diversity and inclusion

Livvy Yun, Opinion and Feature Editor October 25, 2021

  After George Floyd’s death, the Weston community began speaking up more about the issue of racism. The Instagram account @pocatweston, through which former and present Weston students of color submitted...

Graph of Americans willingness to receive the COVID vaccine

Vaccination should be encouraged, not required

Nicholas Melnichenko, News Editor May 19, 2021

As more people become eligible for Covid-19 vaccinations, schools, colleges, universities, and public school systems are looking at their role in protecting students and faculty. Throughout the country,...

A traditional prom photo from the WHS 1959 yearbook.

2021 seniors suffer drastic consequences from COVID protocols

Sarah Augustine, Co-Editor-in-Chief May 13, 2021

I imagined attending an elaborate and black-and-white dance and a festive prom. I imagined showing off my spirit through dressing up in the daily themes during spirit week. I imagined repping my college...

The world-famous “Oscar” statue stands as a symbol for the highest achievements of the entertainment industry, but as well its dark and long history of discrimination and exclusion.

Award season 2021: performative action or real change?

Casey Friedman, Co-Editor-in-Chief May 7, 2021

Most WHS students when asked would probably assert that they don’t pay much attention to award show nominations or wins for film and television, but in this pandemic year, conversations on diversity...

The return to all in-person schooling: two perspectives

Casey Friedman and Jacey Hinton March 22, 2021

Casey Friedman: While I am extremely excited for the social and academic benefits the return to all in-person schooling on Monday, March 22 will provide for myself and those around me, I believe there...

The detrimental effects of college shaming

Sarah Augustine, Co-Editor-in-Chief January 25, 2021

The dreaded college process is stressful in all communities. However, Weston in particular is known for its overly ambitious environment, as numerous students attend highly selective colleges. Based on...

Gotbetter poses with her vote-by-mail ballot as she votes for the first time.

The youth vote in this election is as important as it is powerful

Casey Friedman, Co-editor-in-chef October 31, 2020

While this year’s presidential election has generated campaigning and attention both nationally and locally, it has also reinvigorated the conversation around voting-- specifically youth voting. As the...

Is the college process fair?

Sarah Augustine and Casey Friedman June 7, 2019

The very controversial and heavily debated college admissions process is constantly the topic of dinner table discussion, regardless of student age. This year, some of the controversy has been aggravated...

MSA improves my student experience

Yara Attar , Staff Writer February 13, 2019

As a Muslim student at WHS, being a minority among the majority can often feel isolating. However, as a member of the Muslim Student Association, I have been able to find an environment where I can meet...

How I changed my perspective as a student

Olivia Fennell, Contributing Writer May 30, 2018

This year I designed and completed an independent study to explore a particular question: What is teaching? For my project, I visited seven classes in a variety of different subjects aiming to discover...

Various students speak at a forum at the Weston METCO 50th anniversary event

What I have learned from my time in METCO

Conor McCoy, Staff Writer May 4, 2018

Throughout my time in Weston, METCO has always been a major part of my identity.  Starting at the Roxbury Weston Preschool, I’ve seen how Weston’s relationship with the program has changed over the...

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