Wildcat Tracks

Wildcat Tracks seniors share advice

Wildcat Tracks seniors share advice

Annie Kosowsky, Emilia Tutun, and Livvy Yun June 3, 2022

As the seniors at WHS prepare to depart, many are reflecting on lessons learned throughout their four years. After experiencing every aspect that this school has to offer, the seniors on the Journalism...

Rejection letter for current WHS senior

Wall of rejection and deferral removed

Annie Kosowsky, Staff Writer March 3, 2022

 “The Wall of Rejection and Deferral,” previously called the “Wall of Shame,” has been a long-standing tradition for seniors at WHS. Students were encouraged to print out pictures of their college...

Get Out: One of many movies released in the past few years with increased representation

Increase in media representation calls for reflection

Livvy Yun, Editor March 3, 2022

With the attention and emphasis on increasing racial diversity in mainstream media this past decade, the spike in diverse representation in film and television has been unmistakable. Hollywood has released...

2019 graduate, Emily Kim, created this sumi ink painting that captures the academic stress of student life.

Covid-19 affects students’ mental health

Ava Dreyer, Co-editor-in-chief December 15, 2021

   For the past year and a half, students and faculty have been forced to adjust to a new, atypical school experience because of Covid-19. School was already stressful for students, with hours of homework,...

Results of poll.

Kanye’s Donda vs. Drake’s CLB

Molly Ross, Sports Editor October 28, 2021

Kanye’s Donda vs. Drake’s CLB Over the past few years Kanye West and Drake have fought over their fan bases, and have always been in the battle of one upping the other artist. For some fans it was...

Diversity posters hang in library display case

Communication needed to address diversity and inclusion

Livvy Yun, Opinion and Feature Editor October 25, 2021

  After George Floyd’s death, the Weston community began speaking up more about the issue of racism. The Instagram account @pocatweston, through which former and present Weston students of color submitted...

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