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Tanzi playing lacrosse, which he will continue next year at Westminster
Seniors pursue different paths after high school
Jack Tutun and Farrah Zerola June 5, 2024

   Although most students at WHS attend college their first year out of high school, some choose to take  different paths such as taking a gap year or not attending college at all. Driven by factors such as interest or...

Erin Huang and Chloe Zhong	practice for auditions
Students at WHS pursue art degrees
Areta Quazi and Rishi Vaddi June 5, 2024

   Anyone who has seen the movies “Whiplash” or “La La Land” knows that the competitive nature of pursuing the arts in college is undeniable. WHS seniors have defied the odds of this competition...

Freshman Sloan Berry reads in the cafe
WHS finds page-turners
February 28, 2024
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