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WHS students participating in the MMEA Eastern District Senior Festival

WHS students prepare for the annual music festivals

Nevaeh Yancey, Staff Writer January 9, 2023

   With a vast music program at WHS, students participate in not only the regular concerts, but also audition for music festivals, such as the MMEA Eastern District Senior festival (senior districts)....

WHS T.Co students step into the spotlight for “The Adams Family” musical

Nevaeh Yancey , Staff Writer November 8, 2022

   The WHS Theater Company will present a recent Broadway hit show, “The Adams Family” from November 17 to 19, 2022. The original cartoons of the show transitioned to a sitcom in the 1960s, and...

Popular podcasts listened to by WHS students

Popular podcasts at WHS entertain and inform

Areta Quazi, Hard News Editor October 11, 2022

   In 2022, data shows that more Americans listen to podcasts than have Netflix accounts; more than one-third, or 104 million, of all Americans listen to podcasts.    Over time, podcasts have become...

Art show in the science wing of WHS.

Weston’s K-12 art show returns

Sophia Simmons, Staff Writer June 3, 2022

The Weston Schools K-12 Art Show, which opened on May 17, brought together student artwork from every grade to one location, the WHS Science Wing. The event also allowed younger students the opportunity...

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