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“Smiles for 3.1 Miles” race honors classmate

“Smiles for 3.1 Miles” race honors classmate

Aydin Abramson, Guest contributor May 20, 2022

According to scientists, babies are born knowing how to smile. Smiling is a way that unites us. A smile can change a life, and it changed mine. The words “tumor” echoed in my head. I sat there with...

WHS takes a free throw against Bedford in the intense 2020 game

Discovering the history of WHS rivalries

Sophia Simmons, Staff Writer April 29, 2022

   Many WHS students who participate in school sports are aware of the obvious rivalries that different teams have with other school districts, but not the story behind them. While the origins of some...

Charlotte Martinkus diving

Athletes recruited for college level sports

Mandy Maselli, Staff Writer March 3, 2022

 At Weston High School, many athletes spend their athletic careers preparing for the competitive college recruitment process they will engage in during their junior and senior years. While those seeking...

Wu competes in the Junior Pan American games

Fencing attracts WHS athletes

Molly Ross, Editor March 3, 2022

  While many Weston High School athletes compete in winter sports such as basketball, hockey and swimming through school-run programs, several students have chosen the unique path of fencing. Not only...

Player tackles another during a game

Concussion protocol works to lessen brain trauma

Ava Dreyer , Editor March 3, 2022

  When watching football with my dad in recent years, he often talks about how many of the hits considered dangerous today would have been legal when he watched as a kid. Concussion protocol for football...

Weston-Wayland crew team

Combined sports teams create opportunities

Jack Tutun , Staff Writer March 3, 2022

Weston students are aware that their high school is relatively small, which means that a limited number of athletes are available each season for each sport. This has led to the creation of four current...

Coach Monz at indoor track meet

Mona earns coaching award for seventh time

Natalie Rassiger, Staff Writer March 1, 2022

 After 44 years as the cross country and track and field coach at WHS, in early December, John Monz was named Division 4 Coach of the Year by the Boston Globe in recognition of his performance as the...

Julimar Avila prepares to race at the Tokyo Olympic games.

WHS graduate, Julimar Avila, competes at the Tokyo Olympics

Natalie Rassiger , Staff Writer December 15, 2021

   Julimar Avila, a 2015 graduate of Weston High School, fulfilled her lifelong dream of competing in this past summer’s Olympic Games in Tokyo, Japan. Her journey started from a very young age and...

Glows compete at 2015 state meet.

50 years of Red Tide at WHS

Emilia Tutun, Co-Editor-in-Chief December 15, 2021

This school year, the Red Tide/GLOWS swim teams at Weston High School celebrate their 50th anniversary. According to the head of the math department and current head coach Jim McLaughlin, the 50th anniversary...

Weston varsity football on sidelines of Thanksgiving Day game.

WHS plays annual Thanksgiving football game

Sophia Simmons, Staff Writer December 6, 2021

   For the past 85 years, the communities of Weston and Wayland have come together on Thanksgiving Day to face off against each other in their annual football game.  This tradition allows Weston High...

Players celebrate after a goal at Kicks for Cancer Fundraiser.

Weston girls varsity soccer kicks off the year

Grace Kirk, Website Editor-In-Chief October 28, 2021

As October continues on, Weston girls varsity soccer is in full swing and the team is fighting for a spot at States. Even as they face multiple changes in coaching, Covid guidelines, and the team itself,...

The football team gets pumped up as they play under the Friday night lights.

WHS Friday night lights return

Molly Ross, Sports Editor October 28, 2021

  On many Friday nights during the fall, Weston High School students gather at Proctor to cheer on their football team and enjoy live music provided by the pep band. As all the students have started...

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