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Sophomores present a successful haunted house at WHS

Sophomores present a successful haunted house at WHS

Divya Rajan, Website Editor-In-Chief November 10, 2022

 Although the spooky season has ended, WHS still reflects on the success of this Halloween, as the town of Weston got involved in the festivities with the traditional sophomore haunted house. The sophomore’s...

Sophomore Haunted House Members

Sophomore Haunted Hospital Photo Gallery

November 10, 2022


Haunted house team members, Alessandra Gavris, Abigail Galton, Farrah Zerola, and Emma Ricciardi (from left to right)

Class of 2025 prepares to awaken a spooktacular haunted house at WHS

Divya Rajan, Online Editor-In-Chief October 28, 2022

   Trick or treat WHS students and faculty! Yes, Halloween is finally rolling around the corner and sophomores plan to celebrate with the traditional haunted house. This year, get ready to be spooked...

Assistant principal, Jennifer Knight, seeing students off at the end of the day

WHS community welcomes new assistant principal Jennifer Knight

Divya Rajan, Online Editor-In-Chief October 11, 2022

   Every morning as WHS students file into school eagerly, with anticipation, hurriedly, or in any other manner, they are greeted with a friendly wave by the new assistant principal, Jennifer Knight.      WHS...

Dr. Henry with his new poetry book

English teacher Matthew Henry publishes poetry book “the Colored Page”

Nico Barbieri, Opinion Editor October 11, 2022

  English teacher Dr. Matthew E. Henry has released his new book of poetry, “the Colored page,” published on July 19, 2022. The book, which is Henry’s third and his first full collection, is self-described...

Senior pushes past freshmen who are blocking the hallway

A deep dive on upperclassmen’s perception of freshmen

Farrah Zerola and Grace Kirk, Co-Features Editor and Co-Editor-In-Chief October 11, 2022

   Throughout pop culture, high school freshmen are portrayed as small, annoying, and generally hated by upperclassmen. But does that carry over to our reality? And is this inherent dislike apparent...

WHS food services staff member, Leanne Hough, prepares an assortment of pizzas with separate vegetarian and meat toppings.

Plant-based diets become more prominent at WHS

Divya Rajan, News Editor June 13, 2022

   New ideas and practices circulate around the world, some of them sparking high interest among people to the degree that they become trendy. In recent years, plant-based diets have become more popular...

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